What’s for Breakfast?

I rush around in the morning, so I find It’s really difficult to “make breakfast”. I usually end up making a pot of hard boiled eggs in the beginning of the week and taking one or two with me to work. So usually breakfast looks like this: 20130608-174222.jpg
(Yes it does kind of look like a 4-eyed monster smiling)

Or this:20130608-174512.jpgHard Boiled Egg, Grapes

notice a trend? To answer your question, no,I don’t really get tired of Hard Boiled Eggs, I’m moving too fast in the morning to think about anything but getting food in there. That’s not entirely true – They ARE delicious. I always eat them warm…Always. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper, or better yet, red pepper flakes, and we’re good. Sometimes I mix it up and make omelette muffins:Omelette Muffins


but usually I find good ol’ Hard Boiled Egg to be versitile enough to add protein to my every mornings. You can even get fancy and add three things to your plate like this:20130608-180146.jpgHard boiled Egg, Terra Chips (Sweets and Beets) and a blood orange….which is a bit more carbs than I usually like in the morning, but I think I only had one egg left that day.

The best breakfast though, when I have time to get reeeeaally fancy looks like this:

Hard Boiled Egg, Half an Avocado filled with Mango Salsa, and an orange…. Ultimate morning Yum!

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