Whole Life Challenge: Day 21

So we’re three weeks into the challenge, and I have to say, even as a veteran challenger, I’m surprising myself. I always forget how little it takes to slow my body down. I didn’t expect very drastic results coming in. I thought I’d clean up, detox the impurities of vacation, maybe lose a few pounds by the end, but I was mainly looking forward to getting back to the water, sleep, and mobility. I have to say though, I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s three weeks into the challenge, and Just like last time, I’m averaging a loss of about 2 lbs a week. That’s right, I’ve already lost 6 lbs! I have been losing weight since the last challenge (and it’s NOT from lack of eating!) , but summer drinks, and healthy but somewhat out-of-my-control food (staying grain/dairy free but not sure about every ingredient, sugar, meat sources ….OK and maybe a gluten-free dessert) on vacation, kept me more slowly losing or maintaining. I haven’t yet reached a point where I’ve gained anything.

Anyway, there are these pants I own. Keep in mind, I’m not even considering that I’m fitting into a size 7 (in Junior’s department jeans) now, which has NEVER happened before. Regardless, there was this pair of Lucky jeans that were my favorite jeans, and I hadn’t fit into them for two or three years. Even when I did fit into them, they were always a little snug, they just fit. They weren’t the type of jeans that were like “Oooh these are super comfy” but they looked great and were comfortable enough. I remember when I started this journey, it was a goal of mine to fit into them again. I remember during the summer when that happened, when each time I would try them on, the button would get closer to the button-hole. It was exciting. I don’t care that the jeans I’m buying now are a size smaller than the smallest I had ever been. It doesn’t matter that I’m a size smaller than I wore back when I lost weight by starving my body of nutrients and calories, or that I’m very close to the weight I was, but this time I have oodles of healthy muscles underneath. Not even paying attention to the fact that I’m a billion times healthier than I was, back when the scale number, irrelevant as it may be, dictated how I felt about myself. Those are all awesome, awesome things. But it’s more than that. Maybe it’s on a superficial level, the fact that my “these make me look awesome” jeans are getting loose on me… but ….it’s a small personal victory. Though, It’s still even more than that . It’s this wonderful validation that THIS path, this delicious, real food filled, health conscious journey, is amazingly, perfectly right.


So the picture on the left is back in 2010-2011. The lucky jeans are a size 29, and were a little snug, but looked good. The picture on the right is me today. It’s not the best picture, you sacrifice yourself to weird angles when trying to show the new space in your pants. But…you get the idea.

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