10 Reasons to Bitch About the Whole Life Challenge…and Why You Should Stop.

I’m not a big re-blogger, but I thought this was a great post from Eat, Drink, WOD on the Whole Life Challenge and I think it needs to be out there. Lot’s of wise words here….

Also, I think a few other things need to be added –

  1.  I’ve been finding all these awesome recipes for Paleo –Insert Junky SAD (Standard American Diet) Food Herebut I still feel like crap and I’m not getting results.

Listen, I used to LOVE pizza, cheese, cookies, candy bars – stuffed french toast….you name it. You know what, I don’t care, I don’t miss an ounce of it. I learned this after my first challenge. You know why? Because those things made me feel like CRAP! I learned what feeling good meant, and you know….I wanted to feel good ALL THE TIME! I am a huge foodie, I love awesome food….but there is plenty of awesome, real, healthy food that doesn’t destroy me from the inside out. Paleo junk food, is still junk food. Cut it out. Learn to like real things. Baking cupcakes with 20 lbs of almond/coconut/whatever flour is ridiculous. Do you know how many nuts you would have to eat to get that amount into your system naturally….You’d probably vomit or pass out first.  My challenge to you is be strict, don’t cheat your way through this – find out what feeling good means and THEN tell me shoving 3 slices of pizza…..OR…a bunch of paleo donuts down your throat is essential to your happiness. Neither one of them are doing you any favors. Bonus points are there yes, but you don’t HAVE to use them. Staying strict through the challenge is a healing experience for your body. Using your weekly cheat points and going nuts is only going to hinder your progress. Be in it to win it!

  1. Can I eat this WHOLE CAKE and only count it as 1 point.

No….Do you hear yourself…..does that make any sense. Would you normally eat a whole cake, just because you aren’t supposed to have it? Would you drink a whole bottle of vodka because the label on your medication says you can’t drink? Why does everyone have to try to “Beat the system” – Start caring. I don’t look at portions, count calories, or worry about how much I’m eating, but that’s because I eat real food. Is it possible to overdo it? Sure – I probably shouldn’t eat 20 avocados a day. Do I? Nope – That’s just silly. Indulgence still exists no matter how you eat, but if you are putting the right food in your stomach, you probably would have a difficult time overeating it.

Eat. Drink. WOD.

WLC logoEvery couple months, this thing comes around called the Whole Life Challenge. In short, it’s an 8-week lifestyle challenge that encourages you to eat well and exercise daily along with some other weekly goals like drinking enough water, or trying new veggies. It gets pretty popular among the CrossFit-heads as it promotes a Paleo-based nutrition plan: No grains, no sugar or sweeteners, nothing processed, no diary, no booze. As you can imagine, the lack of beer is my biggest blunder here, but we’ll get in to that later. I really don’t want to spend this time getting into the details of the challenge, as you can simply click the link above and get all the info you need, but for the sake of this post of mine here are the cliffnotes:

It’s a challenge with a point system…because as CrossFitters and ya know, humans, we are competitive. We do better in…

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