Links and Resources

Some of My Favorite Sites, Blogs, and Resources to Look Into When You’re Done Here

Thrive Market a great resource for healthy pantry staples, household products, and more at Wholesale Prices! It’s like the Whole Foods non-perishable items, but for waaaaaay cheaper! Click the link and sign up for a trial membership, and see what I mean!

AltShift Diet – Seriously easy once you fall into your groove, it works, and it’s sustainable. It’s a diet protocol for fat loss that you can actually see yourself doing forever. By the always brilliant Jason Seib.

Whole Life Challenge – I’m not a huge fan generally of diet challenges, or paleo challenges, but this was a lifestyle challenge and it started my journey. I learned a lot of good habits, and continued them far past the end, so I definitely think this particular challenge has a lot to offer. While not a paleo challenge, the RX level of the game is pretty close.

Whole 9 Life A lot of great and invaluable resources

Nom Nom Paleo

Everyday Paleo

Marks Daily Apple

Fatworks – A GREAT source for high quality animal fats (Duck Fat is GOLD)

US  Wellness Meats – A GREAT source for Grass-Fed Beef, Bison, Chicken, and Pork…and BEEF BACON!

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