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Squat This! Doing the “Bring Sally Up” Squat Challenge

What a great WOD today (For those who don’t CrossFit, that’s our little acronym for “Workout Of the Day”)! We did the “Bring Sally Up Challenge” – and it’s incredibly fun, incredibly easy (in concept), and incredibly challenging workout! It was created by Rich Froning ( A CrossFit Games Athlete), when he tweeted:

“CHALLENGE: to the song “Bring Sally Up” by Moby w/ a 135# barbell on back. Squat on “Bring Sally Down” Stand on “Bring Sally Up””

And that’s it! And actually the song by Moby is called “Flower” – but that’s besides the point. The Prescribed weight is 135# for men and 95# for women, but you can use a comfortable weight for you , or no weight at all if you are new to exercising. When I first heard about it, I tried it at home with air squats (no weight), which was challenging. It seems easy, and the song is less than 4 minutes long, but when you are holding the bottom of the squat, your legs get tired, and it gets hard to stand back up! After trying it with no weight, I rested a minute or two, and then tried it again holding 15# dumbbells in rack position….THAT was tough. Today, I used a 45# barbell. Here’s a video from YouTube of some guys doing the challenge so you can get an idea of how to do it…don’t let the muscles intimidate you from doing the challenge to your own abilities!

You can also do it using a number of variations. Tonight we did the workout a second time, and I did it using a 33# barbell to push-press. THAT was harder for me than the squats. When doing push presses for the challenge, or really any variation, you want to do the holds (The movement you do on “Bring Sally Down”) in the active position. This means that the bar is down in rack position during the “Bring Sally Up” line, and pressed up for “Bring Sally Down”. Let me tell you, that gets tiring VERY quick. With the squats I made it through the whole song without rest, with the push presses there were a few times I had to stop and shake out my arms because they just wouldn’t hold. Other things you can do instead include push ups (Holding 2″ above the floor), pull ups or chin ups (Holding in the UP position), hand stand push ups, dips, etc. Here is a vision showing some variations:

The most important thing is to have fun, and practice good form. You want to make sure with the squats that you are keeping good back position, keeping vertical/not hunching or leaning forward, and pushing your knees out. Form is ultimately the most important thing when doing any sort of physical activity, since it will keep you from getting hurt. A lot of us tend to lose our form when we get tired…stay focused.

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