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Sometimes You Just Have a “Clean out the Fridge” Night. AKA “Totally Winging It”

By Saturday the landscape inside the refrigerator was pretty bare. We didn’t have a chance to go food shopping, so I pretty much had to use up what I had and whip something together. Day’s like this you kind of have to think on your toes. Sometimes it’s tricky, but you have to just connect with your ingredients. I usually say – Keep It Simple! I DID have cod filets de-frosting, so I knew my starting point. I was lucky enough to have even more direction, as my boyfriend requested I “Do that thing where you bread it in almond stuff.” …I could work with that. It was also terribly late, as we had been busy most of the day, and I wanted something simple. So, In the interest of time, I convinced him to do this dishes while I prepared food…Score!

I had some vegetables left from the week that needed to be used up. I recalled seeing zucchini, asparagus, and baby Bok Choy. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, the asparagus had grown some mold and the zucchini had some weird slime on it….so I lost a few veggie warriors to time (Worst Feeling Ever!).  Down to the light and mild Bok Choy, I pulled a few sweet potatoes out of the pantry – one Japanese and one Garnet – peeled and cubed them, and threw them into a big glass pan. I chopped the ends off the baby Bok Choy, and also threw them in. I actually separated them within the pan so I could season them differently. Drizzling both with some olive oil, I sprinkled the sweet potatoes with cinnamon, ginger powder, and cayenne pepper ; while the Bok Choy I kept simple with salt, pepper, and sesame seeds.

With the fish, I created a mixture of Almond Meal and Flax Meal in a container, and dipped it in. I tend not to use egg as a binder, and try to rely on the moisture of the fish to get the nut meal to stick. In the past, I’ve had too many issue with egg creating a gooey clumpy mess – so I avoid it. With fish and chicken, they are moist enough by themselves, to get covered. I placed them in foil on one edge of the big pan, to separate them from the veggies. I also sprinkled some salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and oregano on top – As well as drizzled a ribbon of stone ground mustard. The oven was preheated to 400 degrees, and the pan was placed on the middle rack to roast for 30 – 40 minutes. You want the vegetables to be cooked and the fish to flake easily with a fork and be opaque.

All in all, not too shabby for the end of the week.

Dinner0630_StrawApple_MustChix 087


In addition, while that was cooking – I made a summer salad for afterwards. I had one apple left in the fruit basket, and a few strawberries. I chopped them into a bowl and combined with some fresh mint leaves from the garden. Then I added lemon juice, onion, raisins, and chopped pecans. I think it turned out nice. It was refreshing and clean, with just the right amount of sweetness. Mint has totally been a staple herb for me this summer – It probably helps that it’s growing like a weed in my garden box.

Strawberry Apple Mint Summer Salad

Baked Wolf Fish with Arugula and Mint Apple Relish


So I was shopping the frozen fish in Trader Joe’s and I came across an odd one: Norwegian Wolf Fish – Of course I had to try it. People say it tastes a little of lobster, which psychosomatically could have altered my perspective, but I did notice a resemblance. My boyfriend picked up on that flavor too – and he didn’t read or hear it anywhere. Anyway it has a slightly sweet and delicate flavor, so go easy on the seasoning, and can be substituted for cod or halibut according to the rest of the inter-webs.

For the Mint-Apple relish topping:

chop and combine onion, apple, mint, and lemon juice. Add a little salt, pepper, and ginger powder, and stir. Cover and refrigerate until serving. Note: this stuff is seriously yummy, you can also make this as a salad on its own!

For the fish:

Pre-heat the oven to 375. Line a 9×9 pan with aluminum foil and grease with coconut oil. Place fish, skin side down, in the pan. Drop little pieces of coconut oil over the fish. LIGHTLY season with salt, pepper, thyme, curry powder, cayenne, and ground ginger. Cover and bake until opaque and flakes with a fork.

Note: When I took it out of the pan, it came right off the skin. I noticed a layer of fat that had that weird jelly like texture, but it scrapes off without effort – I’d recommend doing that.

Serve over a bed of Arugula and top with Mint Apple Relish

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