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Simple (But Awesome) Flank Steak


1/8+ Cup Maple Syrup (GradeB)
1-2 Tablespoons Celtic Sea Salt
1/4 cup+ Coconut Aminos
Cinnamon, smoked paprika
2-3 Tbsp melted Butter

I put my steak (2.5-3 lbs of yummy Flank Steak) in a ziplock Baggie, added my ingredients, and rolled it around and rubbed it to coat. I only Marinated My Steak for 20-30 min but you can play around with leaving it longer. Then I just thew it on the griddle until the middle reached 135 and let it rest for 10 min. That was a nice rare-medium rare. As always with a cut like flank steak, be sure to cut against the grain.

I swear I’ll update more frequently, or at least I’ll try. I’ve been extra busy lately, and unfortunately posting took the back burner first….sanity yay. I actually have 3-5 posts half written….so I really just need to bunker down and finish them. In the mean time…eat steak 🙂

Steak With Rainbow Chard


Sorry, I know it’s been a few days. It was a busy weekend with the holiday and the heat. I’ll post twice today to make up for it 🙂

I’ve been shopping produce more from the farm stand down the block. I’ve adopted a “shop for a few things, keep it fresh, and buy produce more local and as needed” policy. I found myself going nuts on produce at Whole Foods, and occasionally a few things would be forgotten in the fridge and go bad….that stuff makes me want to cry. In shopping the farm stand, I’m not only helping a local business, I’m also helping  to support seasonal local produce and getting fresh ingredients. The produce sold there that isn’t local, is all from the US – which is super nice to hear. Anyway, I was there the other day, and picked up some beautiful rainbow chard. I grabbed some grass-fed steak from Whole Foods (I think it was a shoulder chuck but I’m not certain), and decided to do a saute thing.

First, I prepped the steak by cutting it into strips. I don’t remember if cutting with the grain or against it worked better, but I did whichever was easier. I threw them in a zip-lock with some coconut aminos, sesame oil, ginger powder, salt, and pepper.

Then,I chopped a few cloves of garlic and a vidalia onion. I threw them in a pan along with some sesame oil and let them soften while I prepped the chard. I washed it, and cut it into pieces that were a couple of inches long. I threw it in the pot, stirred it, covered, and let the vegetables cook for a little while – occasionally stirring.

When the vegetables were soft and there was room in the pot, I threw the steak in. I stirred everything around, working the steak to the bottom of the pan. When the steak was medium rare, I took it off the burner.

I cleaned the two huge portabella mushrooms that I also bought at the farm stand. Seriously these things were monsters. I brushed them with oil and threw them on the George Foreman Grill. After they were done, I threw them on a plate and spooned the steak and chard mixture on top.

In Retrospect, I kind of over-stuffed the pan, even though it worked, so next time I’ll do it in batches. Live and learn. Tasted great though.

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